Hi, I am Beverly of Bev's Parrot Place. I am having the time of my life raising these wonderful creatures for all of you that are looking for a lifetime companion parrot.

We are not here just to sell parrots. We are here to match a companion Parrot to your Lifestyle. We LOVE these wonderful creatures and wish to share with you, the joy they have brought into our lives.

We are as committed to our customers as we are to our parrots, and we have an outstanding support system for our customers. 

Buying a bird from Bev's Parrot Place is only the beginning of our relationship.

Bev's Parrot Place offers cages, food, toys education, and a lifetime of companionship. We can get most any type of parrot that you can imagine, almost anytime of the year, through our extensive private network of breeders. All our babies are raised right here in my home. They get training, attention, and especially LOVE, while weaning, fledgling, and being socially developed to maximize their pet potential. I invite you to give us a call, come see us, and our flock.

Thank you so much for stopping by, and hope to be hearing from  you soon.

Bev's Parrot Place is a member of Nationwide Parrot Place Organization, since 2006, and is Located in      Las vegas, Nv. Bev's Parrot Place is just one of the more than 200 Locations nationwide, which are all committed to "Raising the Finest Companion Parrots in a Home for a Home."

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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