Bev's Parrot Place


What can you expect when you partner with Bev's Parrot Place in your quest to bring a companion parrot into your life?

Why is Bev and her flock different from a pet store or breeder?

What Benefits do i get buying here?

These are all great questions that we hear from our prospective customers all the time, and reasonable questions they are. Lets talk about this...

We here at Bev's parrot Place want those that choose to work with us - to find the ideal companion parrot, to know that there is no better value or approach they can find. We strive to ensure that each prospective new companion parrot owner is properly educated, assessed for the right type and fit of companion parrot, and truly understands the responsibility and obligation that goes with owning one of these magnificent creatures. we want to be sure that once our customers have decided on moving forward with their decision to share their lives with a companion parrot that they will have made a logical decision and not just an emotional one. 

Pet stores and breeders are quite different both in approach to raising and caring for companion parrots and in how they price and support the sale of their baby parrots. lets take a separate look at each of these:

1. Pet Stores - Their primary business is in the retail selling of products associated with pets and their care. They care They make their largest margins on the food, toys, cages and accessories that they sell to their customers. Their primary knowledge is in the business of "selling" not raising pets. In the case of birds you will often find that due to lack of socialization, nurturing and proper development guidance, that many birds you see in pet stores today cannot typically be handled by customers, and quite often not even by the staff or management. This is primarily due to the birds being brought in to be sold and the simple fact that these pet stores neither have the qualified staff or the time and ability to manage the needs of exotics birds. Customer of these establishments also are more often than not, focused with making a purchase from just what is in stock at the time. Lastly, retail stores, due to their higher overhead and requirements to run a store front business typically charge higher prices for what they offer.

2. Breeders - While breeders have strong experience in the hand-feeding and initial care for babies during their critical first two months of development, most neither want or have the space and facilities to take their babies beyond the almost and/or fully weaned process. There are typical two types of breeders (granted their are some excellent exceptions to this) operating in todays  marketplace.

One type of breeder focuses on the mass breeding, hatching, feeding and forced weaning of baby birds for the large commercial and retail outlet pet stores. They sell baby birds with the idea focus being on volume of sales not necessarily the quality of the exotic birds.

The other common type of breeder raises their babies to an almost weaned state and then sells them to small specialty bird shops and other pet related facilities that have personally trained in the final stages of hand-feeding and proper weaning. The risk here is that many of the places these birds end up are not always fully capable of this critical transition process from the hand-fed stage to the fully- weaned stages of life. And once again, this type of breeder is focused on the selling of baby birds, and not on the raising, development, socialization and nurturing guidance that these amazing creatures need if they are going to thrive as companion parrots. 

3. Benefits of Bev's Parrot Place - We offer a number of key values and companion parrot focused differentiators that clearly demonstrate why we are so different from the rest of the flocks out there.

- We have our own Private Breeder Network that supplies our babies.

- We provide consistent and ongoing socialization and development. 

-We utilize proven nurturing guidance techniques in raising our babies.

‚Äč-Our babies are abundance fed and never forced weaned.

-Our babies are taken carefully through hand-fed to fully weaned status.

-Our babies are "Raised in a Home for a Home" to be companion parrots.

-We help the customer find the right companion parrot for their lifestyle.

-We assist in the purchase of the right bird, not just what is in stock.

-We provide our customers the education to succeed with their baby.

-We offer free ongoing support for you and your companion parrot.

-We are about the exotic birds first and the sale comes second.

These are just some of the many value- added and personalized benefits that come with working with us here at Bev's Parrot Place. At the end of the day, we believe that you will not find a higher quality companion parrot at a better price, that has been developed and nurtured to such a high quality of companioning standards.

As we have said it before we say it again..


We hope you will consider one of our special babies for you home!